Don't Fear The Lisp

Functional Programming, Seriously?

Let, me start this off by saying this, the exercises I have done this week already make me want to explore the language even further. the language I am referring to, of course, is Clojure. Just in case you don't know it is part of the ...

The Road To Rethink

In The Beginning.

Learning a new language has its ups and its downs, but one thing that always holds true is, once you understand it fully you feel so accomplished. The languages I am referring to are formal languages, languages like Python. This is the language I chose to learn ...

The Journey Begins

Where Do I Begin?

My name is Jonathan Colon, and over the past year or so I have been developing in Python. I love developing in Python, and just programming in general. That is why I have made it my mission to learn more languages, mainly C and Clojure. I ...

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